The Farm at Buena Vista

  Our brand new exclusive offer, The Farm, is a subdivision located in beautiful Buena Vista. 

  The Farm is a pocket community within walking distance of Main Street in Buena Vista. Featuring epic front porches, open green spaces and contemporary farmhouse architecture, The Farm is the first major development in the Rockies to create a high quality neighborhood at affordable prices.

  B.V. is nestled below the Collegiate Peaks on the Arkansas River and features a thriving outdoor community.  Main street is the heart of our town with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, gear shops, and even our own distillery. 
The Farm is about 1 mile south of this Main street in Buena Vista. It is also .5 miles south of the middle and high schools.
                  Great Western Homes is supplying the beautiful homes!

       For pricing and inquires please contact The Farm by clicking their link below. 

The map of the Farm Subdivision is below. For more information visit

The Farm Subdivision

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