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North Star Building System

Executive Series

The Roscoe Home Design


Price does not include freight to

your site, set up, and finish.

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Also on Sale is the Bonnavilla model Casa Bonita


Price does not include freight to your site

 set up and finish.

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for details

Virtual Tour

**One bed One bath**

If you're looking for the perfect getaway cabin look no further we have the perfect home for you. 

Please call for more details to ensure this home has the proper snow and wind load for your property.

**Exterior picture below is a rendering and not the actual home**


Great Western Homes has been building homes in Colorado for 18 years. 

 We specialize in building your dream home or cabin

 Let us show you how easy it is to build 

   With over 30 years of experience in the off-site custom modular home industry. We can offer you distinct floor plans ranging from your getaway cabin to your luxury showcase home. Over 450 homes later and we still love what we do.  

Click on the links below to see our commercial and virtual tours.


        **Virtual Tour of the Beech**

The NorthStar Glenwood Virtual Tour is similar to our lot model. Stop by today and check out what NorthStar can build for you.

**Virtual Tour of The NorthStar Glenwood**

 Your Dream Home Can Come to Life With Us 

Want to know how? 

  This site is your guide to building your dream home or cabin with a team that meets and beats your expectations by bringing your dreams to life.

  Please note that there aren't any prices on any of the floor plans or models because each home we build is customized to each individual customer. There are many structural factors that change from home to home.  Examples are; the location of the building site, roof pitch, snow load, and wind load. If you want an upstairs or basement and the extent of all the finishes. There are many interior features that affect the price as well from basic features to over the top. 

**Please contact our Sales Department to get a better breakdown of the price of your ideal home. 

 Our homes are built off-site in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials. One of the many benefits of an off-site construction built home is TIME... While your foundation is being dug and poured your home is being built by professionals nestled in the walls of the production facility. Doing two stages at once speeds up the process of your home saving you substantial interest on your construction loan.

  We use four different off-site custom building facilities that have built thousands of homes over the years. We bring quality, convenience, and experience together to offer you one of the best-built homes on the market today. We also offer green building and energy compliance packages and many floor plans to choose from, our customers find it easy to pick a design that meets their family's needs and budget.  

  We understand that buying or building a new home can be a daunting challenge and that is why we offer a wide range of plans with so many options to choose from that there is simply nothing we can’t do to make your dreams a reality. Custom building is truly the key phrase when you sit down with us and utilize our expertise to take what you want and bring it to life. We also understand that a home is one of the biggest decisions and expenses in anyone’s life so we strive to meet your needs with floor plans that range from $100 to $190 per square foot (home only) for IRC coded homes depending on the level of finishes and size of home you choose. 


Remember we're here to help you! 

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