Our Newest Addition to the Family

Privately owned and family-managed, The Commodore Corporation prides itself on a long-term stable workforce, with skilled craftspeople dedicated to building homes. Commodore has consistently ranked as one of the largest home builders in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest United States. 

Our modular homes are constructed to individual state and local building codes and represent a smart, rapidly growing alternative to local site-built homes. Combining broad customizations, better construction technology, less waste, and an experienced workforce, our modular homes generally cost less than a comparable site-built home. In addition, a 10-year limited structural warranty is typically included. 

Trying to decide what you want your kitchen colors to be? Click on the kitchen photo below to try out the different color combinations to see what you like. 

Want to see what different exterior options you can choose? Click the exterior photo below to try the different exterior combinations. 


     Don't forget to click the bear picture below to take you to our information page. Please add any additional information that we may need. 

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