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12 Reasons to Buy an Offsite Custom Home

1. The ability to perform site improvements at the same time that your home is being built at the factory, you are able to get your construction underway and completed in a fraction of the time. Time is money and no one wants to wait longer than necessary to begin living in their dream home. Offsite custom-built homes bring two dynamic reasons for purchase, affordability, and effective construction time reduction. Because your construction time is reduced your construction loan interest payments are minimized as well, literally saving you not only time but money.

2. Offsite custom homes have 2x6 exterior walls constructed from high-quality lumber. Onsite built houses are typically built with 2x6 walls as well but remain open to inclement weather which can cause wood to warp or swell leading to a lifetime of structural integrity problems.

3. Factories buy a large amount of lumber, sheetrock, paint, etc. They get the highest quality products at bulk pricing thus being able to keep prices lower to the consumer and saving you money while providing the best grade of construction materials.

4. Whether you are building offsite or onsite, your goal is to complete your home with a value that is higher than the cost of building the home, for instant equity. Both styles of homes are constructed to the IRC code, but because your offsite home building costs are lower overall, your equity is higher making loan approvals and investment returns simply hard to beat. 

5. Offsite custom homes have superior construction materials and techniques. Materials cut with handheld equipment at a job site cannot compare to a computerized precision cutting saw inside of weather-protected factory environment. Better equipment equals better construction, you benefit from both.

6. Factory inspections cover every construction detail of offsite custom homes which are built to the strictest IRC codes. Trained independent third-party inspectors perform numerous inspections per house. With onsite constructed homes, some cities or counties have no inspections whatsoever and others have a minimum number of inspections, never ensuring that your home is constructed correctly in every phase.

7. A special adhesive, as well as nails and staples, are used in fastening components together creating a sturdier structure. Reducing or even eliminating “nail pops” commonly experienced in on-site built homes.

8. To provide the best guarantee of a secure trip to your home site, offsite custom homes are built with more lumber in framing your home than onsite built homes ensuring safe transport and structural integrity that exceeds the IRC standards.

9. Offsite custom homes have a reduced threat of job-site theft and damage, problems that have plagued on-site buildings in recent years, and can add as much as 10% to the cost of your new home.

10. Factories offer skilled craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent skilled labor force. Your home will have no delays relating to inexperienced or tardy contractors as your home is nestled within the factory confines.

11. With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, modular homes are significantly more energy-efficient. Your utility bills will be far cheaper than your neighbor's and save you more money in years to come. Your home's value will appreciate just as an onsite built home does because it is constructed under the same rigorous codes and guidelines as onsite built homes.

12. You have more control over the end result because you pick your floor plan and options, you choose the contractors you want to work with, and you depend on us for our expertise to guide you through the construction process as quickly and affordably as possible. Building an offsite custom home is truly the best choice you can make for your next home.

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