Meet the Great Western Team

  Great Western Homes is a family owned and operated company, Rick and Tracey have been in the off-site industry building homes since 1989. They both started working on the production line building quality homes in good Ol' Plainville Kansas. 

  They decided to move back home to Colorado where Tracey raised their three children (all of whom work for the company). And Rick then decided to further his career by getting into the site preparation and setting up of the homes onto their foundations as well as finishing the interiors. 

  Now over 28 years later they own their own custom modular company and are building some of the most attractive, competitive, on the market today.

Bonita Myers ~ Office Manager

Etta Ducharme ~ Sales

Blane Jackson~ Sales

Jeff Hoeller ~ Sales Manager 

Dillon Ormsby ~ Set Manager 

Linda Antrim ~ Service Department 

Gola Ferguson ~ Service Office Assistant ~ Sales Support

Jessica Ormsby ~ Service and Customer Service Department 

Layna Ormsby ~  General Manager

Michelle Wyatt ~ Sales Rep of Northern Colorado Division

You simply cannot find a better team to bring your dreams to life.

  Jeff, Blane, and Etta are always willing to answer any questions you may have and spend time showing you how to make your dreams come to life. 

Go to our contact page by clicking on the wildlife, to contact us for more information.