Building Your Home - Start To Finish

Things you need to know to build your dream home!!!!!

What is the first thing that you need to know in order to get your dream home started but don't know where to begin? 

The first place you might want to look at is what funds you expect to have for your project, use a mortgage calculator to get an idea, this calculator is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used for anything beyond this purpose. Enjoy!!

We at Great Western Homes provide the home, the freight, and the set.  We can put you in contact with local project managers and contractors that we have done business with for years who are able to handle any size project that you can imagine. 

Just follow these simple steps and you will see how easy it can be.

1.) We offer four factories for our customers to choose from. Commodore and Champion are our entry-level homes, Bella Vista is our mid-level homes, Bonnavilla and Northstar are our high-end homes.  Whether you walk in, email, or call us, just let us know what you are interested in and we can start working on all the information you need to decide what options you want and or need, which floor plan you are going to use, or if you need to custom design your own plan. **The more you keep your floor plan like the ones in the brochures the more affordable your home will be.** 

2.) Schedule a meeting with one of our sales team.  If you call ahead we can set up a time to meet with you and explain everything that you may need to know.  Even if it happens that you cannot meet with us face to face we can do a phone conference and pull your package together through email, or snail mail. Convenience is part of our customer service because we understand that sometimes life is just too busy to stop and get things planned.

3.) Once your floor plan is picked and you choose what you want to do for options. You will sign the contract with us, stating that you are going to buy the home so that we can proceed with ordering your house. 25%-30% of the contract is due before the home can be ordered.  Once that order has been placed, the ball gets rolling very quickly and it won't be long until you start seeing exactly how hard we work, and how quickly we can make your dreams come true.

For the following steps, click on an underlined link and you will be shown pictures of the process as it is completed on one of our homes.

4.) In addition to buying a home from us, there are several things that are standard on every build. The following needs to be done either by the homeowner or the Project Manager that you hire outside of Great Western Homes to oversee your home build.

     A. Permits: These can include but are not limited to; address permits, driveway permits, septic permits, well permits, engineering foundation plans submitted for building permits, and plot plans these are most of the permits needed but every county is different that we offer our services to take this stress out of your hands. Permits can be a pain...

     B. Septic and excavation including profiling and inspecting the hole, installing the septic, and excavating for the foundation.   Septic Trenching  Septic Tank In Place  Excavation of Basement 

     C. Foundation Work: Forming the foundation (Crawlspace or Basement), Inspecting the forms, Pouring the foundation, Strip forms, and Top plate.     Basement Walls Poured  

5.) Building your home at the off-site operations center. Steps four and five happen at the same time. While all the site prep work is being done, the house has been ordered and is being built. That is one of the reasons we are able to complete a project in such a quick time frame. There is no waiting for the house to be built, it is constructed in a sealed environment while the site is prepped and when things are ready the next step happens; delivery of the home. House Construction   Remove Concrete Forms

6.) Framing out and back-fill the basement, or crawl space in preparation for the home being delivered. Pouring the concrete for the basement floor is generally completed at this time as well. Backfill The Home   Framing    Pouring Basement Floor   Pouring Basement Floor

7.) Paying off the home comes before delivery of the home can be completed. Then the home is shipped to the delivery site and the final prep work is done before the setting of the home. The day the crane arrives means it is time to set your home on its foundation. Setting the Home  Setting 2nd Half  Finishing the Set

8.) At this phase things can vary a little, depending on what your contractor has set in place. You can have your temporary electric brought in, your water well dug, and this is also the time when the interior finishing starts. Some of that interior finishing includes finishing the marriage line, running plumbing, installing fixtures, lights, carpeting or tiling, or drywall work. Water Drilling      Temporary Electric  Marriage Line & Drywall        

Final Steps: The final steps are made between you and your project manager, but we will do a final walk-through with you and make sure that everything meets your satisfaction. 

Please contact us with any questions or comments by clicking the Wildlife at the bottom of any page, and reaching us in whatever manner works best for you. We hope these descriptions have helped answer any questions you have and we look forward to meeting with you and starting you down the road to building your DREAM HOME!!


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